The Many Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Below are some of the benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can treat depression. Symptoms of depression-like anger, low motivation, and hopelessness can be overcome by patients of cognitive-behavioral therapy and they are able to lower the risk of future relapse.

The reason why cognitive behavioral therapy helps to treat depression is that it produces changes in thoughts that lead to negative feelings. Since cognitive-behavioral therapy protects against depression, it can be used in place of medications for depression.

Another benefit of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the reduction of anxiety. CBT treats anxiety-related disorders like social anxiety disorder, panic disorders, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, etc. CBT works well as a natural remedy for anxiety because it includes different combinations of many techniques, including self-monitoring of symptoms, cognitive restructuring, image and exposure to feared stimuli, psycho-education about the nature of fear and anxiety, and weaning from safety signals that are ineffective and prevention of relapse.

CBT can also help treat eating disorders. CBT with Arizona nutrition therapy program helps address the underlying causes of eating disorders. It can interfere with the maintenance of unhealthy body weights, help stop binge eating, help patients become more comfortable around trigger foods or situations using exposure therapy. CBT can treat the two most common eating disorders. It can treat patients with anorexia which is the hardest mental illness to treat and prevent relapse.

CBT helps to reduce addictive behaviors and substance abuse. CBT can help people overcome cannabis and drug dependencies, it helps people quit smoking cigarettes and gambling. Relapses are reduced with CBT sessions where they learned coping skills. CBT is also effective in the treatment of problematic gambling addictions.

With CBT self-esteem and confidence are improved. Destructive, negative thoughts that lead to low self-esteem is replaced with positive affirmations and expectations with CBT. This will help you be able to handle stress, increase motivation by trying new things, and improve relationships. You can use resources for using CBT worksheets online on your own. You can work on developing great communication skills, techniques that help reduce stress, and healthy relationships.

These are just some of the many benefits of CBT. CBT was originally created for helping people suffering from depression but it has grown and improved to include managing and improving different types of mental disorders and symptoms including anxiety, addictions, eating disorders and many more.

With cognitive behavioral therapy Arizona you get to live a more normal lifestyle.

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